July 10, 2020

5 / 17 / 2021

◯ Added ADHD to GAMES section, as download. Link to Youtube Video :


5 / 15 / 2021

So, this is unexpected. Updating my site? Unheard of, I say!

In all seriousness, It's fitting the mood of today. Nothing quite is better life than playing some Super Famicom games, then going out to an insanely good dinner, then hitting up the blockbuster only to return home to listen to 90's Anime tunes whilst updating your webpage. Since that last part of that rambling of a sentence is happening as I type, I guess I'll elaborate on it while I enjoy it. Ahem, Oh my god is this song a beat. I can't believe my ears on this track, yet I don't even know the anime it's from. It's that kind of funk. I can't recommend it enough for a 90's music-styled web browsing whatever-the-fuck. If the anime is good as the song, I'm making a whole damn church to praise it.
Wow. That's hillarious. As I am writing this, In true spirit on a 90's weeb-styled webpage programming session, the internet cut out. Truely, I am getting the full ass experience here. Remarkable.

Well, in other news I ended a side-project of mine and started another one anew. If you remember from roughly 6 or so months ago, a game called ADHD was on the site in the "Other" catagory for speedrunning times. You can see the current version in all it's horrifically made glory Here. Hopefully, this new project actually materializes

I don't know what else to write here. I found two new weirdass Anime shows to watch. One is called Di Gi Charat, which I found the OP from my Youtube recommendations. I have absolutely no-clue what any of it means nor if it actually represent what entails in the actual show. I'll get to watching it eventually. Second one is called GunBuster, which I love the animation style for at the time. When it comes to anime (which i've been trying to get back into as of late), I really enjoy cel animation. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

◯ Removed Urusei Link.

◯ Removed Asesprite Link.

◯ Removed old speedrunning boards.

see you when i update this page in a year or so

9 / 27 / 2020

◯ Updated the site for better handling in the future.

◯ Added Link to Urusei Section, Currently goes to WIP.htm

◯ Might add Puyo Puyo Section?